Many have the opportunities of studying in good educational
institutes around the world but they are not investing it wisely, it’s of no
doubt that people like that will become slave to knowledgeable investors of
opportunities. A lot of people do give excuses whenever an opportunity by-
passes them, whereas they themselves are the obstacles to their progress. Opportunities sort after you, only when you
sort after it.
Some have had the opportunity to be the best in life, yet they messed
up with it. We have people whose business capital was higher than that of Aliko
Dangote’s but yet they are not as wealthy as he is today. Why do you keep
blaming fortune, it’s you that has not managed the opportunities you have had
to progress in your business, academic, ministry, career or organization. You
must be ready to take the pain to get the gain. If you keep thinking that
opportunity will meet you in a comfort zone, you are just building a castle in
If you find
it difficult to succeed in a rough terrain, go to the smooth terrain you will
still be void of progress.
There are
quite a number of Nigerians who believe they can’t succeed in the country, due
to bad economic problem, inadequate study facilities, unemployment and the
likes. As a student, if you are not above academic average in Nigeria you can
never be among the best in the white man’s land. Because some problems just
need innate intelligence to be solved and not reading the whole books in the
When you can’t make good use of the few opportunities you have had
in your country to succeed, how then will you succeed in a foreign land with a
different language, culture and lifestyle? It’s only when you have made some
progress in your own country that going to the white man’s land can favour your
to be continued…
written by
Abolaji Abraham

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