You act like you love him,
I know it is lust, not Love.
You have dirty thoughts of him,
You explore filthy fantasies when you see him.
You didn’t count him as a child.
You’ve made him a Slave,
Yes, a sex slave and Machine.

You took advantage of his innocence,
Yes, you made him a Man, before eighteen,
You care less that he is still a teen.
You just want to get done with the thing.

Why would you turn to him, whenever you are turned on?
All because he respected you.
He expected more from you,
He desires you lead him through the right path,
Is this it?

You molested him
You forcefully made him hard
You gave him an impression of help.
You stood naked before him, at his tender age.
You raped him.
You have just catapulted him out of Childhood.

You did all these things to satisfy your selfish interest,
You got what you wanted, you called him in and apply force on him anytime you deem ready.
You can’t just let go,
He is ready for you, just come and do what you are good at.
Why not take on your own and feel the sweet pain you crave for?

You feel no guilt,
I will make you feel it,
I will make you think twice, before you do another,
I will make you pay, if you refuse to repent.
Well, if you think otherwise,
I will make you trek to Europe.
Eventually, you may rot in Hell.

Written by Oparinde Samuel


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