Jeremy looked at Stephan and cursed. He knew that he could do better. “This is what they get by making a dullard the team leader.” He hissed under his breathe. “Jerry, did u say something?” Stephan asked politely.

No. Yes, you idiot! I said you are good for nothing! You should be at the back of the class instead of leading us. I should be leading.

Alright then.
Stephan wasn’t too sure if he had made the right decision. “Please if you know a better way this project can be done, tell us.” He pleaded for the umpteenth time then brought the meeting to an end when there was no response.

Few hours later, Jeremy was in his hostel.
“Tema, I’m telling you, our team will fail. The team leader is shit.” He told his roommate.
“I have so many ideas for the project on my head. Better ones than that of the leader.”

“Then why don’t you share it with him?” Tema frowned.
“It’s not my business. I’m not the team leader.”

Two months later, Jeremy’s team was in front of the judges and they had just been announced as the poorest team.
“You all will be given just one mark.” The head judge announced.

Jeremy couldn’t take it anymore, so he stood up and shared all his ideas and what he’d have done if he were the team leader.
“Wow! Such a brilliant boy.” The judge applauded. “How come your team didn’t apply all these ideas?”
“Sir, I wasn’t opportune to be the leader.”

“Hmm, Alright. I’ll be giving you 20 marks.”
Though Jeremy got his marks, he failed.
And the funny thing is, his failure could be ranked higher than that of his peers.
He lost the greatest asset humans could ever have; ‘People’.

He could have shared those ideas with everybody and they’d have come out top.
He didn’t do it because he felt he wasn’t in the position to do it.
That’s the shallowest point of being shallow.
We see this kind of behavior amongst ourselves today.
In school, at the office, outside, everywhere!

Jeremy, although with the highest score could be defined as the lowest human, and the true failure amongst them.

Are you Jeremy?

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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