Which day did October 1st 1960 fall on? Could you tell which day (not date) June 12 1993 fell on? What about the day (not date) of your birth?

Almost every Nigerian knows that Nigeria got her independence October 1, 1960 but only few, if we have, know the exact day that date fell on. I know huge number of people cannot even tell the day they came to the world. Some parents lack this ability as well. Of course, if you ask them to supply you date and year of their birthday (D.O.B), they will, without breaking a sweat, tell you accurately. It’s not that we are all lazy to know this but we are arbitrarily wired to leave behind day and carry date and year all along.

Knowing dates and years alone doesn’t help the matter sometimes. You need to train yourself how to commit (or remember) days into your memory. You may be insinuating how you will remember the day of the past events. Even some events that have clocked 40 years or so. But with the method you will learn in this piece will help you to remember days of past events. All you need to do now is to relax your psych and pay utmost attention and observe. I emphasize on utmost attention and observation because failure to do will lead to incomprehensible reading. Are you ready?!

Now observe the following critically:

1= T
2= N
3= M
4= R
5= L
6= Sh, Ch
7= K
8= F, V
9= P
10= Z

The above is what magicians called Peg System. But for the purpose of what I intend to teach you I will call it number-letter system. T stands for 1, N stands for 2, M stands for 3 etc. These letters represent numbers (1-10). Without rereading the number-letter system, could you read it offhand? Try it. If you can, I congratulate you. But if you are incapable to remember, you need to hone your observation.

One of my articles ‘how keen is your observation?’ can help you. You may be wondering what number-letter system has to do with remembering past days. Just relax and learn. Now you can reread the system. Have you done that? If yes, what did you discover? You said nothing, huh? Well, I know you may not discover that all letters are consonants. Yes! Only consonant letters can be used for the purpose of simplicity.

This is where we are going and you are advised to take note of the following 12-digit numbers:

633752741631. That is, Ch; M; M; K; L; N; K; R; T; Sh; M; T.

It’s better if you can memorize all these digits (or letters). But if it is too difficult for you to do so, you can formulate meaningless words with the letters by adding vowel letters with them. Okay, let’s formulate these: cham, mug, longer, and dashmut. That is 6-3, 3-7, 5-2, 7-4, 1-6 and 3-1. Do you understand? If yes, continue. But if yours is a NO, take your time to read again understandably. Okay.

Each number is the first Sunday of each month. That is, first Sunday of January is 6, first Sunday of February is 3, first Sunday of March is 3, 7 is first Sunday of April and so on. To know the days of the past events you need to know dates (date key) and years (year key). Let’s take October 1st, 1960 as example. First Sunday October 1960 was 6. Good. What we need to do now is to count the dates backwards. Since October 6 was first Sunday, Saturday was 5, Friday was 4, Thursday was 3, Wednesday was 2 and Tuesday was October 1st, 1960.

To be more convinced, let’s find the day June 12, 1993 fell on. What was date of Sunday of June 1993? Good. First Sunday of June 1993 was 2. So, this time you count forward. That is, June 2 was Sunday, Monday was 3, Tuesday was 4, Wednesday was 5, and Thursday was 6 and so on. If you continue counting it like that, you will arrive at June 12, 1993 was Wednesday. I take these medieval but popular events as examples so that you can ask anybody that you think he/she can tell you that the days (October 1st, 1960 and June 12th 1993) are true. You can also test this method with you date of birth (D.O.B). I believe you know your D.O.B offhand.

Now that you have learned the number-letter system, you can teach people. Knowledge is good when it’s shared among one another. Don’t be stingy with this method because if I was, you might not have been able to discover it. Another thing I want you to know is that this method is only function over 90s. Method to discover days in this third millennium will be discussed in the subsequent article. If your luck is on, this may work for you.

Keep amazing people!

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