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About Commune Writers Int'l


  • To provide our readers with high-quality, engaging content that expands their knowledge and enriches their lives.
  • To foster a love of reading and to bring the joy of literature to as many people as possible, through innovative and engaging formats and partnerships.
  • To publish books that challenge, inform, and entertain readers, and that encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning.
  • To create a welcoming and inclusive space for authors to share their stories and ideas, and to collaborate with them to bring their visions to life through high-quality book publishing.


  • To be the leading publisher of diverse and inclusive content that empowers and educates readers around the world.
  • To be a leader in innovation and creativity in the publishing industry, constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new technologies and platforms.
  • To be the leading publisher of fiction and non-fiction books that reflect the diversity and richness of the human experience, and that resonate with readers around the world.
  • To be the premier destination for diverse, thought-provoking literature that challenges and inspires readers to think critically and embrace new ideas.
Benefits of Commune Writers
Benefits of Commune Writers 2


  • CWI helps writers get their dream book published.
  • CWI is dedicated to helping writers establish and advance their careers, introducing readers to a variety of authors, and delving into the ever-inscrutable mind.
  • CWI is a fast-growing organization where writers share their writings with the world. In so doing, we are been supported and sponsored by top writing and publishing industries to help writers get to their peak.
  • If writers write consistently and are being published, they might get guest posting platforms to boost their writers’ authority.
  • Great articles from writers might be published on other blogs and websites depending on the topic of write-up which will make companies and influencers more interested in your work.
  • Bringing in new writers to join CWI will attract exclusive goodies and packages from the management.
  • CWI will not take credit for your work. Your publication will always be referenced to you.
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