Long back in the years, in the Jewish custom, women were made to sit at the rear. Men were made to sit closer to the Temple’s court.
Only men were made priests while women are not even regarded in the congregation despite their presence.
Have you ever wondered why this is?
Does that mean men are more holy and pure than women?

In the Islamic sect, women are usually secluded to pray at the back row of mosque usually barricaded.
Women are not allowed to lead prayers in Islamic way despite their consistency and religiousness (which is most times better off when compared to men)
Have you ever wondered why this is?
Have you ever wondered why women are given less or no regard at all?

Going down to the Christendom, do you believe we still have denominations who do not allow women pastor, not to talk of preaching?
Do you know there are still churches where women are not allowed to go near the altar and perform some services?
Have you ever wondered why this is?
Is it that women are unfit for God?
Is it that women are not regarded before God?

Many a times, in most shrines, women are not allowed to enter certain places because of fear of they might die or be diseased by the gods.
The best women get are to be given an “almost near” but not near access to the shrines.
Are the gods ever angry with women?
Are the gods ever displeased by mere appearance of women?

Every day, in the nook of somewhere, women plead for gender equality.
Women plead to be given fair hearing.
Women plead to be given fair treatment as men.
They crave for position
They sought after good life like men, but they’re always denied.
Is this gender inequality ever going to stop?
If it would, why hasn’t it been for centuries?

Women activist come up every day promising liberty and fair hearing to their fellows. It’s just pathetic such activists go down the soil without accomplishing their mission. Good enough, most of them make impacts. They leave indelible marks, but no absolute stoppage to the act.
Women march out in mass to protest against gender inequality.

Is this actually going to stop?
No! Not until we stop it within, it won’t stop without.

Written by Elisha Daniel


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