An unquenchable fire was set in me earlier today about who hustlers really are. I see pictures of folks with a laptop, blinks and maybe cash too. Flaunting them to us without telling us exactly how it was made. They wear designers and because they realize we don’t probably know how expensive it is; they flaunt them.

They move to the extent of writing out the kind of phone that took their picture, the designer of their wristwatch, shirt, trousers, pairs of shoes and even socks.   A popular hash tag ends the caption. “God bless my hustle, hustle must pay, Diary of a hustler, tight hustler” Ignorantly, I as an entrepreneur unconsciously certify myself a hustler. I believed making money means hustling. So when I wake up, I look at my white painted asbestos and say ‘God double my hustle’

I knew quite alright that I was practically different from someone who sells nothing, owns no brand and has no business yet spends lavishly. The world yet sees us as hustlers. The dictionary helped me out this evening as to who a hustler is. “A hustler is a person who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money; a swindler.” I didn’t form this, visit www.dictionary.com for proves.

An entrepreneur is not a hustler except if this definition above applies to you. Entrepreneurship involves God, Passion, Truth, Time, Integrity, Patience, Faithfulness, etc. An entrepreneur will always hold on to what he or she does and will be proud to hand it over to its descendent.  An entrepreneur will always be among the richest in the world and not bury his/her money underneath.

Entrepreneurs, let’s leave the hustlers to keep hustling. They indeed are the real hustlers, we are entrepreneurs.

Written by Olaleye oluwadamilola


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4 thoughts on “THE REAL HUSTLERS

  1. temidayo says:

    Comment:this is motivating

    1. Thanks for the sincere comment Alli. Do share to your loved ones.

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