My two eyes as wide as the sea cannot deny the fact that we crawl on our burnt toes and rank our feet begging for asylum, against those who we now refer to as demi-gods and investors on our El Dorado land.

And now! You called your brown skin brethren of the then saved haven you found solace, li-abi-li-ty, your mouth in zig-zag as the spelling of the word

You came crawling surreptitiously days and nights like a serpent in search of prey, begging for Gàrí and Èpà or something lesser, during the arrows of rain of apartheid

The elders say, tí omo dé Ó ba bá ìtàn, á bá’róbá, ÀRÓBÁ si ni baba ìtàn.

Meaning, if a child is not part of history then should they be taught because teaching about history can be more insightful and useful than when one is dead with the events of history.

I was there when Mr. Tunde said from nothing they contributed the peanuts in their pockets while they were still in elementary and post-elementary schools, in order to save their brothers from the pangs of apartheid.

Our government head, Muri, threatened to wage war against the super falcons of the globe; “Great Britain and the United States”.

Even while he knows their mere cry is enough to ravage our land and render us landless; he stood his ground.

To patriotic some, that led to their nasty death all in the name of brotherhood!

What does he get in return today, the once saved kindred’s, now payback in reverse.

They have become the proverbial individual you sent Gold to, but in turn, sent Serpent back.

Oh! Brethren, don’t you hear the sun speak in its scorch ovary and the moon sniggers as they outrun each other in their milky way?

Telling you about those that rode on others back brutally but today are no more and their traces disappeared like the lines of the moving rocket on the face of the sky.

Beware of your actions and sub-actions!

Beware of POSTERITY!

Gàrí: a Nigerian staple food made of cassava.
Èpà: a Yòrùbá name for groundnuts.

Written by Maruf Nola

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April 10, 2021


April 10, 2021