The world I knew
Blind to its own downfall
Fragile and always ready to fall
Nature cries in pain

The world I knew
Futile in awesome wonders
Bleek with dangerous blunders
Dancers at the gates of hell

The world I knew
Effective in every folly
Lover of blatant story
Iniquities reigns like stars

The world I knew
Killing its folks for trophy
Deception plays the referee
Agony welcomes all to the show

The world I knew
Once perfect with good tidings
Booming is the nature’s flavour
Viral with beauty and in colors

The world I knew
Diamonds over stones
All that glitters is gold
Affection runs deep

The world I knew
Smiling is the sun; always
With chin so red and bright
Smirking in the days’ time

The world I knew
Naughty is the new treaty
Bad-beautiful and dangerous
Clangers to reality

The world I knew
Great in vain glory
Good in new ivory
So far from the real story

A Modified 2016/09/19 Article

Written by Tokede Daniel



December 18, 2020


December 18, 2020