I can’t marry a poetess,
Lest like hyperbole -our love she’d exaggerate!
Throwing off my guard with a look that impresses,
Yet as the light that sits by the mountain bed,
In a paradox contradict our short-lived love!

I can’t marry a Poetess,
Especially one full of oxymorons,
She’s two things that differ from a moron;
I can’t be caught six yards near my rival- Her Pen,
Else my favorite boy be starved, unend(indefinitely)!

I can’t marry a Poetess,
Who cries when there’s a block,
Throwing punches down my ribs when stuck for words,
Losing her breath, when she ain’t making sense of tock;
Yes, a Poetess is full of madness,
And I’m not one to exorcise her of such!

Will I be mad to not love a Poetess?
Whose undiverted attention is on a crazy white paper!

Will I be willing to compete with her Pen?
When other leeches lie on the sea for picks!

Will I be a fool to foolishly love her?
Damn be that day I stupidly call out my stupid mouth to love!
For as an antithesis, she’s full of contrasts!

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Written by Essiet James


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November 4, 2020


November 4, 2020