Dear Ruth,
Several moons have passed away when limbs last met thee;
As thy acoustics be far from thee!
Since endless rings no longer receive welcome, and that’s true!

Dear Ruth,
I’d hope to reignite the fire that burned between us,
Furiously growing –
in spite of the water thrown to quell us,
Tell me, is there a much easier path?

Dear Ruth,
These eccentric eyes understand not, those status slides,
As there seems to be a mounting pressure from cowering guys,
Still, I’d advise that feet fret away, for E. James just stepped out of LUTH!

Dear Ruth,
The reality behind our love is awesome,
The contagious affection affecting us is more wholesome,
Though pigs inquire of the veracity of this questionable firing path.

Dear Ruth,
This love is as a fire that appears blue,
Yet a closer look shows a red-tinted hue,
For mad is the head that’s in love with thee,
And there’s more to this Loving thing, O Ruth!

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Written by Essiet James


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