A letter arrived from our enemy’s camp as we sat idly in our domain after a series of training and strategic plans for an upcoming war. In a split second, we dispersed to avoid Dele Giwa’s predicament. Then Captain tore the envelope into pieces to unleash the details in the letter. In it was scribbled boldly “WE AWAIT YOUR ARRIVAL”. “What?” Captain snarled. The messenger had fled away before Captain could inflict his wrath on it. Instantly, Captain signaled that the shofar might be blown hence indicating the commencement of an unending war. The battle line had been drawn.

Onward, upward we marched to our enemy’s territory in winning spirits. We chorused battle chants all the way, accompanied by our horse’s neigh. We crossed borders, conquered lands, and overcame every limitation and barrier that was on our way. We slew every distraction and splattered its blood on our fears. We marched on all procrastinations as its dust mix with the cold air to make our vision blur. Still, we forged ahead as our vision got clearer and brought us closer to our destination.

We arrived at our enemy’s gate, slew hindrances, and pulled down stumbling blocks. We encompassed our enemy’s territory roundabout. In awe, our enemy: the World; were all civilians, besides a few aged men amidst them that resembled us. The victory was sure. They weren’t prepared for battle but mediation. The oldest amongst them acted the mediator as he addressed us vibrantly, “We knew you would come but we couldn’t predict the perfect time. So, we sent a reminder. However, this world is crumbling and we can’t rule the world as we once ruled. You are the best candidate that could lead this generation. All they need is an arsenal of your knowledge and leadership skills not the wrath from your weapons. Just take over from us and rule them”, he ended his speech in a jiffy. Thereafter, the world chorused in unison “Come rule over us, we had waited for too long.”

Alas, we discovered that we could change the world, that we were not taught, governed, or trained by it. Though, our persistent isolation from the world and vigorous training made us eligible to rule the world. Triumphantly, we all still our weapons to its respective position, as archers to their quivers and swordsmen to their sheath.

All we need was THE BATTLE CRY!

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Written by Olufemi Soole


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