Fire! It cleanses and destroys.
With its heat; lives are saved or taken.
One of man’s greatest discoveries,
One of man’s chief fears,
One of man’s fascinations.

The red glows within the lovely blue flint,
Enticing to the toddlers’ eye.
Seductive is the warmth to cold body,
Pretty and beautiful is the flame.
But fire against flesh, burns.

Looking romantic and cozy in the hearth,
Dancing, crackling and wafting its scented smoke.
Flickering soft, golden and bright light,
Exotic smell of accelerant heightening senses,
Sparkling with regards to its evil smirk.

Appearing cheerful and lightening up its place.
Shooting its sparks towards a starry sky,
Tempting wide-eyed children to roast their little pinky
While shivering over ghost stories.
Seeming unharmful with the glittering sparks.

Carelessly dropped cigar caresses the mattress,
Faulty wiring ignored by a corrupt investigator,
Kerosene heater set close to oily rags.
A flash of lightening,
An unattended candle,
All could cause destruction and losses.

Paint blisters, metal melt, rafter falls.
Fire stirs, snaps and stretches it’s hot, bright body,
Roar triumphantly, hungrily and devouring everything,
Destroying building, furniture and textiles,
Burning and roasting fleshes to burnt offerings.

Written by Onakoya Rebecca


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