Yes, you raped her,
You slept with her,
You humiliated her,
You had sexual inter course with her,
You deflowered her,
Yes, you took away her childhood.

Yes, you’ve inflicted a stain on her personality,
You are actually “good-for-nothing”.
You’ve let her down,
You don’t have a reason for your actions.
Yes, you will say it’s the devil’s handiwork.
Yes, you penetrated her,
You forcefully put her back to the ground.

You had your way with her,
Yes, you took advantage of her ignorance,
Yes, you are a coward,
You should have taken your type to the dark room,
Yes, you could not face your type.

You’ve been a help to her defeat,
Yes, she will come back to haunt you.
You did it secretly,
Yes, you are exposed and deserve to be, at least castrated.

Yes, I hate you,
I detest you,
I can’t take actions, but I will surely not be a moron.
I will pick up the best weapon against you,
Yes, I will make sure you pay,

I will not let go, until you must have paid for your actions,
God will judge you,
Yes, Karma will chase and haunt you down.
If you don’t repent,
You will be roasted in Hades.

Written by Oparinde Samuel


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