We’ll not cry if you fart.
The smell can’t kill us.
It can’t even damage our noses.
We’ll still have the smell
Of our mother’s soup
Running in and out of our holes.

We’ll not cry when we hunger.
Stomach cries can’t harm us.
It can’t even cry us.
We’ll still have our mother’s
Breasts to suck on
When the land becomes dry.

We’ll not cry if we don’t go to school.
Our teachers won’t miss us.
It won’t even devaluate us.
We’ll still have our bags on our back
As we ride our small bicycles
Around our boring community.

We’ll not cry if you flog us
With branches trees.
It won’t render us pains.
We’ll only feel it biting our skins
Just for today and it will dry up
By this time of tomorrow.

We won’t cry if we lose our friends.
We’ll get over it very fast.
It won’t even stop us from playing.
Since death is no respecter of anyone,
People come to this world
And people leave this world.

But we will cry if we fall.
If our home divides against itself.
If our parents can’t handle themselves.
How do they expect us to grow
If they pick up sticks against themselves
Because they want to eat.

Written by Jacob Temidayo

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