The aesthetic well laid green lawn was the first indication of a melodic love story to come. So enticed, I was on my best self as I adventurously walked past the well parted footpaths. It was not long after that I found myself at an undefined place; now defined though. FADAMA farm area could only fit into a graveyard description as at that time for I saw not a being walking with two feet. All I met was some four-legged animals grazing the field all by themselves. My adrenaline resumed work without order, for I saw my legs walking faster than normal with my heart beating faster than Usian’s legs and my lips remembered God’s protection needed to be sought. I sure must be afraid of a kidnap.

The day came for the first lecture. It was an ecstatic feel, with people of different skin sitting in stacked rows of the hall’s seats. Notebooks and pen lined up like soldiers on a war-front, some even carried bags as heavy as I carried mine during my college days. But then, a dark line flashed over the building love spree when the lecturer began with his fast lecture. My writing prowess, for which I had always been boastful of couldn’t save me at the speed with which the projected slide was being alternated. I began to realize classes wouldn’t be the fairy-tale I envisaged. It was indeed the beginning of the struggle to come.

Notes over notes piled, practical’s entered the fray and the real world presented itself. But, it wasn’t to be just a hustle and bustle as sources of smiles surfaced too. I saw students’ ways of trying to catch up. From the brother who sat under the street light pole just because he’s preparing for a test, to the sisters dressed like a masquerade in hope to repel mosquitoes bite during the famous “night class”, only to find them asleep in no time. I just can’t get enough of the crammers who arrange (notes on their head) better than a professional civil engineer.

Campus life became injected in the blood. Standing on endless queues at park with shunters at every opportunity alert, leading banters in class, watching live events at motion ground, attending dinner parties and other organized events began the foundation to a campus love story which strengthens day by day.

I can’t forget the light skinned lady, who made my young heart race at first. I’d easily answer to her every seconds call for I was blinded by the sweetness of the relationship that was gradually strengthening up between us. I became her constant escort that some began to call us twins at some point. Also is a big shout out to my reliable squad, one that always got my back any day and at any time. I can’t forget how much nuisance we constitute each time we enter places, notably are; the late evening shuttle rides, notable flora world canteen and lots of others places we display our funny acts.

Campus life is just the best; I fall in love over and over every time I reminisce on each day’s activities we engage in.  Even though I was sad and heartbroken when my light skinned twin sister disconnected me unannounced, from our soon becoming popular love story. But I feel saddest whenever I remember that my campus life or campus love story I should say, is nearing its end.

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About Ayantunji Nurudeen
He is a student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. A writer and Poet. He’s an individual who highlights the darkness in the globe and adds lightning effect to it so as to illuminate the world.
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