I have always wished to have this someone whom we would both send postcards together. But I forget to remove the sting of uneasiness hovering around me especially in heart matters like this. I do watch news posted on various channels of love-road schemes but I still lose this thing I fight for every day of my life.

Now it seem no-one is ever going to listen to my gentle heart cry but I stand to correct myself that what about those heart I left untouched; what do I expect from it. Am on a crossroad, please find me, I do not know where’s left of me to go, help me locate the right person who is going to have me sifted with smiles running down my cheek.

For I am getting older and obviously wouldn’t want to end my days just at the beginning of this fate am facing. It’s once said that a box is always filled just for the person who is ready to explode with it.

I demand to be the person ready to end with eternity in her, only for her to quickly find me before those mysteries and folklore stories of the past begins to hunt me down leading me where I wouldn’t need to choose a right choice, for I smell the incense of love, let me have it until all is gone.

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July 25, 2017


July 25, 2017