Most of the time, I thought my life would always be the way it has always been. I still do not understand what just happened in my life that first day you took a stroll in it. It’s as if that missing thing of me just got found.

For with you, I believe everything that seemed great should begin to manifest. But wait, which do I call you; an angel or a helper, for I am lost within me at the moment because I have never felt this way before. Why then is this happening to me now, what must have befallen me, for everything I want in you was found right in the eyes I caught you.

You are the person sent to me to put me through my misfits, I do hope this sounds right to you now. For I will not let you slip away from my tiny hands no matter how big someone else has held you tight, only you changed the person I am to the person I always were.

Your silence brings eternity to me, your smile makes everything count not to even speak of the way you talk, you are obviously the thing I have been looking for a while now, I once said to myself, never will I let anything good come acrossed by me leave my sight anymore. Now I got you, for its only you my heart requires.

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