He prays to God,
To the poor he never shut his door,

Daily, he took up his cross,
Proclaiming the gospel no matter the cost,

He sacrificed earthly pleasure,
To access heavenly treasures,

On bed of stones he daily slept
But keeps smiling wherever he went,

In the face of mockery, he was never ashamed,
To glorify his Master’s name,

Now he’s level has changed,
Because his time and turn have finally come,

How his haters are so amazed,
At how he’s been transformed,

They called it LUCK,
I call it MERCY,
Though he was the least,
Amongst his master’s flock,
He remained a faithful sheep.

Written by Majekodunmi Kenny


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4 thoughts on “THEY CALLED IT LUCK

  1. Ibijoke says:

    Beautiful poem. Well done. Keep being faithful, God will fulfil his part

    1. Thanks for the sincere comment. We appreciate.

  2. Awode Sulaiman says:

    Comment: Wow! that’s inspiring. I needed this around this time. So many temptations!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Do share to your loved ones.

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