If I were you, I would sit down, relax and think about how I can change my environment
Already knowing that I must change myself first, then my environment next
Because without me knowing fully well my values
How can I value the ideas of others.

If I were you, I would chase my dreams and live by it with my passions
Already knowing that everyone else did, I can too
Because in due time, the world will pave way for me
And I will become an authority through the path I’ve laid down.

If I were you, they once told me “use the school environment to your advantage”
Because it’s only there you get to fully discover yourself and what you’re capable of doing
For the reason that in no time, you’ll graduate from there
And meet with the real world who knows not you.

Education; they say is good. The best legacy you can ever have
But education goes beyond mean classroom
It takes you alone to know what knowledge seeking it is.
Education of the mind is first priority to solving any issue in life.

If I were you, and you were me
You might know the difference in finding pursuit
Because he who has suffered something before wouldn’t want to lose again
Outcome based thinking is a priority of now.

If I were you, I would leave the pleasures and hullaballoo of the institutions noisy outburst
And think of my life after school
Because the day I graduate is the last day I and my friends are on the same level
And my speed or slag in life will be dependent upon the decisions I make now.

Ofcourse I remember that day I wore that matriculation gown
And the day I saw my most unexpected first semester worst result
And the day I decided it was going to be the last of its kind I’ll ever have
And the day I am thinking of the journey throughout all these years just like today.

Friends change friends, only the wise can agree to this
You might think you will still keep enjoying the company of friends
Until the day you write your final year examination paper
And will be unhappy because you wished you could start all over again.

The real world is unfriendly, ask those who are done with their service year
They wish to go back to the higher institution where they still get their monthly allowance
But it’s too late, their time has passed
Soon it will be yours, adapt thoroughly now.

Pray as if you don’t read. Read as if you have never prayed
Start pursuing your dreams right now while in school; not leaving the academics behind
Don’t lose two ways. First your academics, secondly no skill to show forth.
Because it would be so grave to notice you left the same way you came.

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