Cock – a – doodle – doo, the rooster crows on a daily basis, indicating our residual time as we globe-trot. Since, we are being conceived, birthed, living, and will surely escape this earthly vessel in times. Therefore, we need to do things in the nick of time.

Time is a great factor that constitutes our being. It’s as high as heaven and deeper than hell, as longer than the earth and broader than the sea. It’s irreversible but could be remembered from memories and could be measured with different units and devices.

Time and tides wait for no one, tick-tick it goes, quick-quick it flies, never to return but on a sequential journey recorded in ages. Before Christiaan Huygens invented the first pendulum clock in the 1650s, the time had existed and will lapse continually after our lifetime till eternity.

We need to pin our hopes on time, ’cos it owns our life and holds our death. We respire time to live our lives, ’cos it constitutes our aging process. When the hooded figure with a scythe tries breaking into our vessel, we tend to turn deaf ears to its threat, pleading for extra time. Till it forcefully breaks into us someday, hence leaving us with no option, but to flee and escape its wrath. Never to return into that vessel.

However, time could be utilized to make our dreams come true. A life well spent is proportional to the time well maximized. Alas! Our time will someday expire and exceed its maximum limits, but before then let’s endeavor to handle our time with care. The Hooded figure cometh, it hates excess time!

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Written by Olufemi Soole


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