I know a thing, which is always on the run,
Never waits for any man to take a turn.
I know a thing, which determines a man,
Never relents in making a man.

With this, man’s life is measured.
From the day he is born,
Till he leaves without a treasure,
And seconds, ticking till he is gone.

The hardworking ones make good use of it.
Utilizing it to their advantage.
The lazy ones, neglect it,
Leading eventually to a disadvantage.

There is a demon on the loose,
Snatching time from people.
Have big horns like a moose,
Murdering the time of people;

Who can save us from this evil?
Who delays the good use of time?
Who can save us from this devil?
Who makes us lay waste, our time.

I tell you, only you!
Can release yourself from its bondage.
To be just and true;
Or else leave yourself in bandage!

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Time, sometimes in favour
Of those who have the luck of it.
It brings harvest to those who use it
And all those that labour-

Leaving those who neglect
In abject Regret
As that demon rejoices
Over those who never made good choices.

To this, I implore,
Never allow it to dwell in your abode
As for a moment you might enjoy,
But in the end; suffering on your road.

A Modified 2016/10/28 Article

Written by Rowland Emmanuel


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