A lot of times, I’ve seen and heard people lament about how they kept repeating the same mistakes every time. I’ve heard people said they were tired and wanted to give up. Enough is enough! I can’t do this anymore, why am I so unfortunate, I think am cursed. These are the most common slangs used by individuals who are not getting it right, either in their businesses or other ventures in which they are engaged. But I want to tell you that, you’re not cursed. You’re one of the luckiest persons on earth because it takes magic called luck to come across an educative article like this.

I want to swiftly go on a journey with you. There, you’ll learn exactly what you’ve been ignoring, and on the flip side; the major problem hindering your progress. The goal of the article is, therefore, to inform those who are already in business to go back and re-strategize. Furthermore, to educate those who are just setting out.

 Understand your 5ws 

Was it from music that I heard this phrase; Everything that’ll be great requires planning? Maybe or maybe not! But I remember hearing it from somewhere.

This phrase, however, is a bloody truth! Anything you chose to do requires proper planning. Up till today I still haven’t heard a wealthy man says he got rich out of the blue, without any plan or strategy in place. I’ve watched many podcasts, interviews; I’ve also read many newspapers, books, and magazines, in which influential people were asked questions on how they became successful. There’s something they all say in common, I set my objectives and priorities. So, let’s briskly take a look at the 5ws (What, Why, When, Where, and Who).


The first stage of the 5ws is “what.”

Here, you’ll need to set your goal and priorities before you move on to the next phase (s) of the 5ws.

What is your goal? This is a self-discovery phase. Your needs are the driving forces that will inspire; push, and guide your activities.

As long as you clearly define your goal, you won’t have a problem understanding the next phases.


Why do you think it’s a good idea or choice?

This phase is also called giving-it-a-second-thought. It’s the second stage of the 5ws. Here, you want to ask yourself a question like, “Did I make the right choice?” People, much of the time, tend to copy/imitate what another person (who may be their friend, family, or just some stranger) is doing and excelling at.  People oftentimes, do it out of envy, jealousy, or greed. Though some do it out of love and deep passion. If you fall in the former category, you’ll end up blaming yourself, for you’ve taken the wrong path, as success is not borne out envy, jealousy, or greed; Success is borne out of undying PASSION. You need to have true feelings for your choice of career, work, and ambitions.

If you’re green with envy, it’ll only do you more harm than good. It’ll block you from seeing other areas you’re better at because everyone has their unique talent which only requires discovering. However, doing what others do, without having a true passion for it, will shy you away from discovering your true talent. And you’ll end up toeing in line, leeching off of another’s works and sweat.

Thereby, understanding your “Why” save the time and energy you’re about to waste on something that’s not meant for you.


Once you understand what and why you needn’t pick a date or time before you flag off your work. Your ‘when’ start immediately after you recognized the first-two phases, what and why.

This stage is a very sensitive one in which many people (even those that understand the first two-phase) fail tremendously. As a result of their sluggishness covered with the lame excuse, I’m waiting for the right time.” There’s no right time for you to start something! The right time is the time you realize what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Do not kill your dreams by waiting for the right time before you swing into action.


Yes, where! Where do you want to sell your products/works? It’s your intellectual property, however, having good knowledge of marketplace or platform to sell your products/works will make it easier to get your works across borders and break as many barriers as you can in the process.

Nowadays that technology has made it easier to meet/interact with a large number of audiences from different cultures, you should, therefore, take lucrative advantage of it and sell your produces out there. Do not be a laggard!

Social media isn’t a leisure platform as many thinks, it’s not just a settlement you relax, it’s also a place you can groom yourself to suit consumers and investor’s taste.

Now, we move on to the last stage.


Who are your consumers? To whom are you selling your products/works?

For a writer or public speaker, what age are your targeted audience?

Understanding who you are dealing with helps you to design your work to attain validity, suitability, and at the same time make it stand the best of time!

These are the stages that make up the 5ws. Try this out today and come back to give your testimony!

Written by Abubakar Abubakar 


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