There is a whirlwind
that awake emotions,
Word that soften the soul,
A lie that speaks calmness,
Sparkling tenderness all around,
Making perfection the only imagination,
The journey called love .

I know one dreaming of marriage
Like a throw stone to become a castle,
The dedication begat proves
At the cost of personal principles,
Cares and attention
At the expense of old pals.

Privacy buried for faithfulness,
And creator neglected for pleasure.
A thousand thought creped in,
And God’s instruction forgotten
As shackles were doubled.

The ship crashed an iceberg
And water found its way in.
The sweet nothing came to open
And the lips that sang love
Proudly flaunted hatred.
What an eye opener!

Return to the canoe,
Paddle with a serious
And patient heart,
For a sailor whose ship
Would see no wreck comet soon.
Can’t you read the signs?
He is almost here.

Written by Olaleye oluwadamilola

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One thought on “THE JOURNEY

  1. jay says:

    Nice one dearie only the wise can get tge concept

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