Make good use of every opportunity in your vicinity so that poverty
won’t get you into insanity
Opportunity is a rare chance that comes your way that is capable
of making you progress, or gain a profit. Opportunities are seldom visitors
that come around at times of difficulty. It comes mostly when no man expects.
Opportunities serve as a key to growth, development, prosperity and realization
of one’s dreams or ambition.
An opportunity can’t be delayed; it is a factor that makes you
wake up into ideas that will propel you towards grasping it. Opportunity is not
long lasting except when invested upon, the life span of opportunity is always
very short most especially when it’s coming for the first time, at that
instance if grasped and nurtured it can then bring forth greater opportunities.
opportunity lost will be retrieved with an unaffordable cost.
Many often toy with the chances they get to progress, thinking
it’s a Christmas gift, and hoping it would always land at their door steps, but
it takes a long time before people of such attitudes can discover the intense
of validity these lost opportunities would have granted them.
works for those who are ready to work for it.

The same chance goes to several people at the same time but it’s always been
favorable to a few, who has worked tirelessly to achieve it. Opportunity
doesn’t have a smooth access. It’s just like an egg in its shell; you can’t
have access to the egg without breaking through or peeling off the shell. To
arrest an opportunity, you must be able to sacrifice your time, money, and
energy to it. For instance, if there comes an opportunity of a contract, it
takes focus, determination and consistency to win such contract. Another
attribute of opportunity is that it’s always competitive.
You must be ready to take risks in order to take hold of
opportunities, risk your money, even your assets. Opportunities has never been
so cheap, and at the same time, once it comes to you the price you pay to grab
it can never be too huge for you.
to be continued…
Written by
Abolaji Abraham


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