I’ve been in love several times
but never felt this way before. You’re pure in heart, exquisite in taste and
certainly sumptuous in looks. I can understand your fear of not falling in love
or the way you put it PHOBIA FOR FALLING IN LOVE.
Nothing brings joy to my heart
than seeing your enchanting smiles, hearing your heartwarming voice, feeling
your low haircut and your overall doggedness with life. You create a world of
beauty with your own two hands.
Why not give me your heart and
watch me coat it in happiness unending and love unwavering. I know promises are
sometimes thorns in the flesh but with you, I’d rather keep this promise than
to keep anything else.
For once, let go of your heart,
open the iron bars that enclosed it and live life with me. Perfection eludes
all but with you by my side and I also by yours, perfection is made perfect
to be continued…
written by Tokede Daniel

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