It’s high time we stopped deceiving ourselves and blaming every
failure on government or fortune. Many graduates out there are waiting for the
government, instead of investing in their abilities. Taking a delve into the
worlds list of great people, many went far from their certificates into something
creative and thirsted-for by the world at large.
The separation of the Siamese twins by Benjamin Carson was just an
opportunity which was a fifty-fifty chance. If he had given up, he wouldn’t
have become a renowned neurosurgeon in the world today. Opportunities open doors that your possessions can’t open. Also to
gain opportunities you must believe in yourself, be confident that you can do
the difficult. Things only come easily
when you put the most difficult effort.
Laziness has also made a quite
number of people lose the chances to be outstanding in life. To grasp
opportunities you must work to the last breath.
Mark Zuckerberg only took the opportunity of a project to develop
the idea of Facebook, which today as created a platform for people across the
world to commune, placing him among the richest young men in the world. You can
also get there; you can do it, just make a profitable use of that opportunity.
Opportunities do replicate, and a smaller opportunity well managed open doors
for greater ones.
Whatever you are doing, do it well. What is what doing at all is
what perfectly done. It’s just an opportunity you have; some people are yarning
for such privilege.
written by
Abolaji Abraham

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