You kept telling me you don’t want
me and I totally agree with that. My love for you won’t wither nor perish even
if you hate me till eternity.

I know am the bad habit you want
to erase, the weird friend you feel like deleting and definitely the guy you
never want to have forever after with.
My feelings are immune to your
despicable thoughts and would care less even if you discard them. I’m yours
truly, the guy you don’t want but the one you craved.
Cashew drops and mangoes are
picked but love is either picked or dropped. Thinking I had the edge over love
is a fallacy of the highest level and this has created a huge façade in the
life of many.
Don’t take me for granted, don’t
call me a fool and also don’t call me stupid. Of all these, love is but a
mirage in existence. Different terms will accrue to your feelings but never let
anyone tag you stupid.
As pure as the dew from heaven
drops on every grasses, life emerges with love and grace. Your feelings are
exquisitely precious and deserve to be treated as amazing as ever. Let no one
pull you down.
written by Tokede Daniel


December 16, 2016


December 16, 2016