How on earth will this happen? I keep asking myself.
I’m all alone, rocking my old rickety chair,
Arms folded.  Head bowed. Confused, without care.

“The Lord bless you bro”
She would always sing in greetings.

He’d say:
It’s hard to believe, hard to tell,
I have a crush in the fellowship,
Attracting like gold, beautiful is an understatement.

He continued:
I so wish I could be your Romeo,
That one day you will make me proud,
When you whisper a resounding yes to my offer,
What a dream come through will it be.

Until she answers:
I’m not hoping for any relationship till the Holy Spirit permits

He’d continue:
Its six months already and your love is becoming weighty,
Yes, it’s crazy to tell, but I can’t just escape it.

My Crush,
Your high pitched voice sends me to heaven and back,
I always crave for the moment you’d grab the microphone up front,
Your presence allows my lower jaw betray the upper revealing my neatly arranged teeth,

I hope when the Holy Spirit permits,
He will put my name in your mind.
Because, as much as I try not to love you,
Your melting smile pulls me into your pool of love.

Give me a chance my crush,
For my weakened self can’t carry on anymore.

Written by Soyemi Obafemi (Da’ King)


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  1. Oyinola_debbie says:

    Comment:sooo proud of you

    1. Thanks for the compliment @debbie.
      The Writer expresses his profound gratitude.


    See me grinning from ear to ear. Lol.. Remembering Omolade.

    1. Thanks for the sincere comment HandsInspired.

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