For a very long time,
Certainty has been a very good companion,
Giving assurance of a known end.

But, from a sudden cloud,
I lost certainty to the hands of uncertainty.
Now I’m compelled to run my race with no knowledge ahead.

Certainty assured me of a sure couple’s journey,
Until it left an unsure life with my honey.

Dear You,
A kiss for a kiss, wouldn’t assure us a future bliss.
In pieces or in peace, please stand by me.

A heart may stop beating if the future is built on pity;
Nevertheless, don’t doubt the uncertainty.

How far? How wide? How deep?
Is this relationship going to take us-
In the heart of an unknown land of love.
How do you thread?

Take it gently, understand and love each other.
I have always heard, If only we could be certain of an exact end.

But be thankful am a Glo user,
I’ve my world to rule and I’d bring you in it.

Together we shall rule.
Just say Yes, and you’ll be everywhere I go.
With you by my side, I’m sure of an everlasting glow.

Written by Soyemi Obafemi (Da’ King)


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