I’ve not met you,
But I know what my expectations are.

Not officially authorized,
But I know what my intentions are.

I don’t desire to know what your perfections are,
But I trust God’s divine intervention.

Hundred percent IQ, best among her circles and cliques,
Sharp bright eyes, French-speaking Lady.
And all other imaginations, I’m done.

I’m done expecting perfection from a single lady,
When I’m just the opposite.

I now understand that we cannot be completely apart, but together.
In this, I will have no regret, so I make my promises anew.

I’ll love and cherish you-
When life brings us together and death tears us apart.

I’ll pray for you,
Not prey on you to get under your pant.

I will patiently wait till we meet,
Daily watering my genuine love to stay alive like a plant.

You are beautiful, you are strong,
I know this because you are my complete half.

I promise to listen to all you have to offer,
And not lose you at the altar of complaint.

This isn’t brag or a boast;
I’ll rule you from land to coast.
Till with love I do oat-
To the unknown but known you.

Written by Soyemi Obafemi (Da’ King)


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