Dear Bae,
I am lost in this world of thoughts,
Trying to reconnect the shattered strength I’ve lost.

I’ve had a lot of thought
Running through my mind lately.
The thoughts of you just won’t leave me.

These thoughts are burdensome and weighty.
However, I won’t stop thinking about us.

I trust you have been enjoying
The dividends of my prayers.
The plan for us is not of now but the latter.

Per-adventure you get to read this letter,
I promise to take you higher
And care for you better.

You can be sure no lady with a skimpy skirt
Will get my attention.
Neither will plump ladies change my intentions.

And you need not to worry about financial stability,
I’ve been making plans and decisions.
So believe me when I say am one hundred percent precise.

My heart longs after your beautiful face,
The sound of your voice I’ll take solace,
I’ll keep my prayers at a high pace.

That swiftly; we shall run our race,
To the world; I’ll sing your praise,
And my love song; would you continually hear.

Please do not keep my hopes to the ground,
Cos I will always remain around.

Written by Soyemi Obafemi (Da’ King)


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