I love you.
But unfortunately, these words have become lies.

I’m in a relationship where am faced with a dilemma.
My partner seems to be sincere, but my words he does not hear.

A partner who has no intentions about love nor care,
But focused on getting laid.
Is that love or lust?

“Oh babes, forget about the future and let’s enjoy”
How long do you want to remain in sadness?

You feed him your happiness,
Why have you made sex the only proof of love?

Take the decision to break free.
The line between happiness and sadness is so thin.
You had high hopes for him, you did everything in you to make him blend.

Seeing how much pain he has caused you,
How much of your dreams he had bled to death,
Your feelings were lost in lust, then you got lost trying to paint with caution.

Love is sweet and tender, but lust causes gnashing of teeth.
Break Free.
Choose happiness.
Choose love.

Written by Soyemi Obafemi (Da’ King)


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4 thoughts on “LOVE OR LUST

  1. Ileri says:

    Nice one bro

    1. Thanks for the compliment Ileri. The Writer expresses is profound gratitude.
      Stay glued to the end of this February Poetry Series.

  2. Oyinola_debbie says:

    Comment:Splendid.. I can see you soaring

    1. Thanks for the sincere comment Oyinola. Stay put till February 14th.
      The Writer expresses his appreciation.

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