Emotional attachment really hurt, because when you are attached to someone, every negative thing the person does will so much hurt you.

You will always show much love and care to the person, which result in been taken for granted as we all know. In my own view, to love someone and to be emotionally attached to a person are two different things.

When you love someone you show love and care at the right time but to be emotionally attached to someone, you will be a source of disturbance to he/she, thereby degrading yourself in a situation whereby a lady is attached to her male friend, she will always obey any instruction both good and bad.

Because her mind will always tell her that she can’t cope with his absence, that will make the guy in question to always look down on her and he will marry such a lady because he will name her desperate.

We should learn how to love and care from afar to avoid been used.

Written by Justina  Ezekekwu


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  1. AA says:

    Nice piece

    1. Thanks for the sincere comment. All kudos to the writer of the piece.

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