I learned firsthand in my first year in the university that there is unity in diversity.

Maybe this sentence doesn’t hold water for some people, it is usually almost everything, and until we see that, our relationships will continue to go sour and we’d be wondering why the other person is doing so many things wrong.

Humans are wired differently, and it is because of this uniqueness that beauty exists in this world.

Not everyone thinks the way you do, really.

Not everyone knows the things you have knowledge about.

And there are a lot of things other people have experienced that you are almost a novice at.

It is time to start respecting that. It is time to start respecting the differences.

You really don’t have to try and panel the best people into being like you or seeing from the way you see.

We have been wired with different things.

Maybe, at times you simply need to explain so they get your own school of thought, but at other times, maybe you just need to respect their own differences.

As ironic as it can be, there is peace in accepting the differences in humans.

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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