We all know, “Vanity upon Vanity” is an anthem for the poor, who feel bullied and intimidated by the purchases, or groundbreaking exploits of the rich.

On the flip side, life still remains so mean on it will not to let any of us, poor or rich, ever get out of it alive.

However, whatever is worth doing at all, is said to be worth doing good. One can always enjoy one’s life with one’s easily or uneasily earned fortune. I wonder why anyone should sing the vanity song when a person tries to buy luxury for himself or herself with his or her own money?

Funny enough, the thought of death, the assurance of being mortal, the thought of hard-earned belongings becoming that of someone else, (maybe via inheritance) within a twinkle of an eye after one’s demise, are the main reasons why many gulp more bottles while at the liquor stream.

Money brings pleasure, Money stops a lot of nonsense. Money brings respect and humiliates poverty. Money isn’t spent wisely if it’s not spent to reach THE SATISFACTION OF ITS MAKER. You never can tell when the curtain will get drawn, kindly do yourself a favour, live while you live…

Written by Adesiji Michael


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