Passion lingers when feelings
still exist. Drifting into compassion every time and place you are in a
vulnerable position. Loving is tactical yet emotion filled.
I grew fond of love but unwittily
handled it and here I am; crying at the feet of my beloved. Wild and young,
hearts strucked stars emerges as nothing but friends.
Esther, the calamity that befell
my heart, the blessing that escaped my grasp. It’s all about you, a maiden down
to earth, filled with amazing characteristics and yet a ticking C-4 with
True; you meddle with goddesses,
eat with potential kings and dine with angels. As blessing unto others, you
still exist as a curse to some.
A sweet palatable curse that often
establishes a totem of hurt in the heart’s of your beloved.
Esther, there’s another casualty
up East and that’s me.
Met you when I thought all hope for
true pure love is gone. You -the lady that gave my life a new meaning, gave me
the real definition of love. Explained life from a different perspective.
Who wouldn’t kill to be by your
side or to just be at your beck and call? Your self-appraisal is enough to move
hearts and yes, it did moved mine.
Though this is an incomplete tale
of love but my heart is fully imbibed into you till forever-after takes a toll.

Written by Tokede Daniel


December 30, 2016


December 30, 2016