We should develop the mindset that one person cannot have it
all, if its possible then Bill Gates would not only produce software but would
also make cars, Mark Zuckerberg would not only discover Facebook but would also
discover other things. But these people asked God and indeed God gave them
these things they are known for today. This is so glaring, its one man for
himself; one man one discovery. Sometimes one discovery but different
approaches to get there.
I don’t want to believe these people whose name we hear today
aren’t Gods people, I believed they all received their visions from God, though
devil gave some the power but the truth is that it can’t last any long.  What God gives is dynamic; it’s out of the
roof. When God wants to bless us, he ties it to our talents; He sets the person
up for it. God needs someone who He can put his trust on, someone who has long
suffering to withstand any oppression.
Quitting or Neglecting God given talent wouldn’t take us to
where we are going. Let God be proud of us. Let God see the zeal of what we
want from Him.  Look at the world today,
the machines, engines, arts, technology etc. everything God has made. He is
only bringing them into existence through the people who have longed to change
the world, those who pray for the betterment of the people. God has done it all
for us, lets always thank Him for the talents he has given unto us, that unique
gift, lets always glorify him.
Let’s always think like a proton; be positive, we have got
billions of cells in our body, we are all wonderfully and fearfully made. With
our talent we can turn this world into that which God wants. We pray God uses
us to change this world; we don’t need our will to be accomplished again but
God’s will, that’s truly where the delight lays.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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