We’ve watched the movies,
And imbibed our culture’s trait.
We’ve visited the cinema,
And sighted the spontaneous characters.

We’ve played the usual,
And clinched our forearms,
We’ve twisted our wrists,
Till our reach gets heated.

We’ve forgotten the serenity,
And searched for the twigs amidst our hairs
We’ve gone hyper,
And bruised our cores.

We’ve played Jack and Robbins,
We’ve climaxed and eased,
We’ve done the spectacular,
But all in sanity.

Today we played the usual,
Just as of old times.
Today we clawed in unison,
But not in fair reasoning.

Today we made the usual unusual,
Yet we expected the usual.
Today we toured body’s lane with each lateral to detect,
Yet we thought we were stones that’ll restrain in isolation.

Today, we seconded our thoughts,
Thereby inching off the primary.
Today we toured on pleasure’s hyper land,
But felt we’re strong enough never to loose sanity.

Today we broke rules,
Today we broke bonds,
Today we broke vows,
On low or no pleasure.

Today I quested for your navels,
Like an annoying tither.
Nay, nay, nay! Your mouth spoke,
But aye, aye, aye I felt it was,
Not until I saw those tears.

Today, we executed the anticipated,
Sorting out years thought.
Today we maximized moment,
But I regretted its non-mutualism.

Today I speak like the man I once was,
Appealing for ‘my’ flaws,
Which we mutually birthed in incautious isolation.

Today I say these words from a repentant heart;
Forgive my yesterday,
And aid my today and tomorrow.
Pardon my sane insanity because I’ve not forgiven myself despite your ‘I forgive you’.

I hope tomorrow you’ll see me,
And smile saying ‘that’s my good friend’
I hope tomorrow,
A better chemistry would be made for you and I.

I hope if tomorrow we couldn’t feed on labia lips,
You’ll still grin those teeth towards me,
Not in obstruction for my mouth action,
But for a smile action.

Written by Elisha Daniel



June 9, 2017


June 9, 2017