G.D Boardman once said “In order to reap an act, sow a thought”

It is important to realize that man has been a victim of his emotions since long before he was able to think. It is also true that thinking makes a man. Thinking is “go” for action. It is very good to think rationally as to have good actions. A well decorated thought produces a reasonable action. It is a pity that most of us don’t know and understand the concept of thinking. Thus we harbor imprisoned thoughts. But to pave way for the right, logical thought, the concept of thinking should be understood. Though different dictionaries give thinking different meanings but the ones I found applicable go thus:

  • To turn over in the mind; meditate; ponder; reason; to give continued thought; to reach a decision; to understand and solve
  • To bear in mind, recollect or remember
  • To anticipate or expect

From the definitions above we can conclude that thinking in the present means problem solving; thinking in the past is remembering; whilst thinking in the future is anticipating. These are what circle our minds.

Every day man will surely have at least a problem to solve. As a result of this, he must always apply logic to solve the problem. It is a pity that most of us are very indolent to apply logic in problem solving. In fact, some people even consume that only people in the field of philosophy are privileged to use logic. What an easy verdict! The good news is that anybody can apply logic but how to use it as to set ourselves free from imprisoned thoughts is where the problem lies. Since every man must serve, I will be at your service by showing you how the logic can be applied.

Logic is a branch of philosophy that helps in making reasonable, rational conclusion over almost everything. To reach a judgment, two simple apprehensions pertaining to the same subject are necessary.


  • This is a good book (1st simple apprehension)
  • I like reading this book (2nd simple apprehension)
  • Therefore I like reading good books (conclusion)

We can say from the syllogism that the conclusion is logical because the two simple apprehensions are correct.

More example:

  • Joe Jones is a liar (true)
  • Joe Jones is a politician (true)
  • Therefore all politicians are liars (false)

Though the first two simple apprehension is true but the conclusion is false because not all politicians are liars.

Let’s ponder over this:

  • All animals are carnivorous
  • Dogs are animals
  • Therefore dogs are carnivorous

You would have arrived at a true conclusion- dogs are carnivorous. But your thinking would have been cloudy since the premise is incorrect. All animals are not carnivorous, as we well know.

Applying logic in thinking allows us to free from imprisoned thoughts that may make us take wrong decision. Some people even imprison their thought themselves by subjecting to popular belief. Some of the things are untrue but because they were heard often so we tend to believe that they are true. Remember what Robert Lynd said: “It is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that one has never heard before”.


Centering your thinking faculty on the conventional way of doing things as well will make you less creative. Ask yourself when was the last time you did something for the first time? I doubt you have an answer for the question. Don’t be shivering of what people will say. One way to set your mind free from popular thinking (imprisoned thought) is by asking questions over everything. Why, how, when, can help you effectively and logically.


Before I rest my pen let me tell you that often our thinking is cloudy or fallacious. Though, this may not be as bad as not thinking at all- but it isn’t good either. Just know the reason, source and cause of incorrect thinking- imprisoned thought- is a definite aid to avoiding these sources.

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He is an experienced Educationist, a Poet and an Inspirational Writer who has touched many lives immensely through his creative Poems,  Articles and Short Stories. He currently resides in Ibadan, Nigeria.
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June 7, 2017


June 7, 2017