She was so gentle to be battered.
She obviously deserved better than
she was getting.
Entrusting her heart to a man who
was a wolf in making was the greatest mistake she made.
He pretended to worth a diamond,
he has no ability in mining.
She made it so easy and he took
her for granted.
Alas! The expected happened. The
curtain rod broke, the truth was unveiled.
She surrounded herself with hearts
that had no respect for love.
She dealt with souls who had no
passion for care.
She was scolded for fighting for
what she felt was right.
Yet she is strong, she is ready to
love again.
She is not afraid of loving again.
She is only scared of wasting time loving someone who isn’t worth it.
Dedicated to all strong ladies out
there; the heart of a strong woman
Written by Olaleye Damilola

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