You recognize you have not so much on you, you know very well
within yourself that you are going through a lot; you know there is no one
close who can help you, you know that there is no one to run to.
But you of course know that what you are going through is for
a while, you know too well that nothing good comes easy; you know very well
that failure doesn’t leave you except with an equal or greater level of
success, you know you are going to end your life the way you have planned it.
You know within yourself all these things and that is why you
don’t frown when others do, that is why you don’t give room to negative
thoughts, that is why you act like you are already there, that is why you do
things with more concern and think about the people around you, that is why you
just smile and keep telling yourself “Everything is going to be alright”, that
is why you care less about your past and present circumstance and drive
inwardly with your thoughts.
You know all these things, then just BEHAVE IT, because in
due time you will see yourself truly in that position. For we can only be
responsible for our own path and let others have theirs.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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