It is normal that you are mocked, but it isn’t normal for you
to return it with an angry look. For the more you are being mocked and
criticized the more your chances of
Success increases. It is at the time of total setback that someone should look
ahead into the future and be optimistic.

There is something you should know, do not be angry when
people tell you that you don’t have a dream or you can’t make anything out of
your life. Even close related people like your family can turn you down when
you need them most, only have at the back of your mind that the will to be
successful only lies within one’s reach.
Never compromise your future for anyone, for this world is
full of everybody else. Therefore, stand your ground and know what you want, it’s
your life however. Listen, to really achieve success in life, you will be
neglected, people will make you feel your presence don’t count, people will
dishonor you. Hence, it’s in times like that one need to be in pursuit of its
Moreover, people forget to reason that no matter what wrong
someone has done to you, if the accused dies, those insincere tongues will be
the ones talking about how good and kind that person was. This is enough reason
to make you know that life is too short to make yourself frown. We all should
rejoice because we cannot allow life make us feel insecure or unhappy.
But for those who will wait and receive these insults and
humiliation, success is not far from thee, patience is never futile, it counts.
Labour hard for what you love doing, go the extra mile to pursue your dreams,
dream dreams and see visions about your future, put thoughts to paper, begin to
act with a positive mental attitude.
Never relent or feel you are insecure, for the good times
cometh in which all those who thought you couldn’t make it will listen to hear
you speak. Fight the good fight of faith, never let anyone turn your mood the
negative way. You are accountable for whatever happens in your life, so live it
wisely. For with a smile and a positive look, everything is deemed to be okay.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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