Remembering the times I was wishing we were close
Waiting patiently for the Ahoi moment
When I will come close to speak words of incantation
Which draws you into the courtroom of friendship
To tune your mind and make your soul leap for joy.

Reminiscing on those times
When saying HI is like the word Hippopotamus
Creating a devilish bête noire that makes me run at the sound of your name
Like a thief who runs when no one pursues
And afraid of your thoughts about me that you don’t know of.

Then I summoned courage able to travel in time
So that I could travel back to the medieval age
If the longest two letter word HI is not graced in time
And rather than forming a bond so close like an aiglet to a shoe
It may be a hone of sorrow sharpening memories I don’t want to remember.

Then I received the shocker of a century
That you could answer with a speed greater than that of light
To the susurration of my loud voice
Which you welcomed with a soul lifting reply
Like a groom carries his bride on the nuptial rite event.

This opened a gateway for a hopeful long friendship
A nexus greater than the bonds of pi between hydrocarbons were established
That makes me long for the two blue tick lines on our chats
Which is always replied with the jargons LOL
Lifting my spirit like a man high on cheap weed.

This continued for like a while
A decade that looks so much like a moment
Like we were trapped in a piece of eternity
Until conversation becomes shorter
And the days become longer.

What happened between us that can’t be resolved
I thought we were so close to the heaven’s gate
A place laden with so much radiance
Until the storm of hatred sweeping the heap we’ve gathered
And making us become strangers that were once so close.

Written by David Akinmulewo


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