What is money without peace?
Yes! We want to be wealthy.
Now we are endlessly wealthy.
But we are scared of nothing.
We are scared of the thieves at night,
And of the pointed fingers at daylight.

What is money without happiness?
Yes! We want good wealth.
But there is no good health.
Where is our joy, our marriage and our smiles?
They’ve all been caused to fade
By challenges, pains and diseases from nowhere.

What is money without an heir?
Yes! Death is inevitable,
And not having a successor is not palatable.
All what we’ve painfully worked for,
Will be lost to a child of nobody
When we eventually leave our thrones.

What is money without sharing?
Yes! There is love in cheerful giving.
But do we not give so as to eat everything?
We were blessed so as to bless others.
What then will be our joy for not sharing?
Won’t the people curse us and call us selfish?

What is money without money?
Yes! We are still alive.
Vanity cannot control our strive.
Because we do not have what you call money
Doesn’t mean we are miserable and poor
We are far richer than the rich.

Written by Jacob Temidayo


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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Beautifully written!

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