Grains are scattered
On the soil of tongue,
Sour. Bitter and Sweet.
Teeth, full of venoms
Bites the poisonous tongue.
War ensues in the realm of mouth.
Words grief in silence
Clothed with the dark hood of pains,
For tongue and teeth war
Over a handful grains.

Throat, out of wisdom
Draws his sword.
He fights the greedy tongue and teeth
A bloody battle he won.
The hosts of mouth are left in silence
Bitterness fills the atmosphere of palate.
Why must tongue and teeth fight
Over a handful grains?

Tongue calls on teeth;
Why must we bury words
Over a handful grains?
Why must the hosts of mouth mourn
Over a food, full of maggots?

Teeth said;
Tongue, you are indeed wise
For silence is our foe
Together, we must fight
Against enemy of words.

Rift settled
Grudges are sent to abyss
And wisdom sits to rule
In the realm of words.

Written by Agele Ayowole



September 15, 2017


September 15, 2017