It’s being three months now, and we longed to talk to each other

Despite we see very often at every corner
Life is too short not to exchange words with her
She might wished we talked too, but never seem bothered
Her voice so cool like that of those angels over life’s
She is going to make a good date, I always wonder
And that day came, the very first Wednesday in September
The day to drink from the chaplet and break bread called
She sits at the choir stands very close to the alter
It was my roll to take communion, I waited no further
I crossed her leg upfront mistakenly when walking, I
She put on a long frowning face with no smile, no answer
I looked straight into her eyes waiting for that response
called reply
She squeezed her face at me, oh my God, sorry, I staggered
What must be running through her mind, I kept pondering?
It’s nothing to worry about, I told myself times without
And always after service, I try getting her attention, all to
no avail
Is this what will kill me, am dying patiently, I thought
For I have to tell her how admirable and gorgeous she is
Well, I pray one day you have the same feeling I have now
over again
That no one will tell you before you walk up to me for a talk
But to God be the glory, I saw her this very last time
Putting on a red skirt round her perfect waist
I wasn’t really thinking about her anymore, I have moved
I desperately wanted to see a clergyman, I waited outside
Though I was cute and fragrant that day, with pink lips all
Time is fast spent I looked at my wrist watch, its past seven
I turned to my side to see who was approaching me with shaky feet’s
Is this a dream or what, I could recognize her even in the
She greeted me good evening, oh! Good evening to you I
For she wanted to say something much more to me but I was
carried away amidst
And for the first time I found someone who could interpret my
Indeed i was carried away, that should be the clergyman! I
ran close to him.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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