This world is approaching extinction sooner than we would
expect. This world is now filled with silly pieces; hardly the world knows
Christ anymore. The world is moved by what’s going on around, everyone wants to
carry along, no one wants to be left behind, everyone is trying to fit in into
any category, nobody wants to make the difference.

No true religion again. No one wants to wait; everyone is so
glued to worldly things. Everyone wants to get rich quick; no one has sat down
to search thoroughly their purpose in this life. Everyone preaches to
themselves. No wonder people murmur about unanswered prayers, even the adults
are no different.
Worldly possessions is what everyone wants to get, no one
wants to work hard to earn dignity and success. No one has time to check the
time. I see the world as a place ready to condone any mischievous act, believe
me, the world is approaching extinction sooner than we all expect.
Why should we drive
away the will of God from our lives? Why shouldn’t we make the difference the
world wants to see, why can’t we just adopt the policy of acquiring wisdom
rather than worldly things? We can change this world into a better place, we
can find our purpose. Painfully, no one wants to hear all this, but I pray all
these doings do not lead them to the place called had I known.
Only those who will wait for their purpose in life and act on
it diligently will inherit all those who never had.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


August 8, 2016


August 8, 2016