But for a good fighter, who could save the world. For without
those fervent and zealous ones, who would have shed some light on the things we
didn’t know. No matter how far one can get in life, without that fighting spirit
in you, you still cannot go far. If you weren’t born a fighter, surround
yourself with people who does or that one person who is. In fact no one was
born a fighter, it’s a process one learn in the course of life. No wonder,
those who have made most of the discoveries are fighters who didn’t relent on
their own capacity but went ahead and even lot more. For we are what we
repeatedly do, success therefore is not an act but a habit. No wonder we see
those successful ones succeed over and over again, because it has become a habit,
an erasable one which has to just stick with them.

It’s time we all step up our game, for this fighting spirit
opens its arm freely for anyone who wishes to embrace it. Do not take
mediocrity for an answer; never take something that is not palatable as an
answer. Forget it, if you don’t adapt to this livelihood, you might end up
under those who took it as their way of life. We should all get this straight,
no one is really as excellent as you think, and it’s only a difference in
mentality. Everyone was born in this world, for the fools couldn’t fight the deluge
of world’s depression, the wise ones fall back on track right side up. For
having this fight back spirit and success oriented spirit has a long way to go
in our inner mind.
They say the rich are getting richer while the poor poorer,
you don’t have anyone to blame, the wise ones count it as an opportunity when
challenges come, In all means they want to come out on top, while the fools
merely relax saying to themselves am not in control of this.
Look for that someone, that person who will wake you up in
the middle of the night to make you accomplish what you desire; for these
people are out there and there is no way you can be around this people that
your vision does not get clearer and stronger. Influence not recognition should
be the aim. If solely you have no one who can charge you to this, you could
stir up this spirit within you too, for someone else needs you to get back up.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi 


July 6, 2016


July 6, 2016