If I date you, will you re-date another me

Or if I propose to you, will you dispose my plight
If I promise never to leave you, will you do the same?
Or take you round the world with me, will you concentrate
If I send you a love text, will you read, smile and reply
Or I call you in the middle of the night, will you comply
For I will never complain about you, will you do likewise?
What if I post you on my social media, would you think twice?
Or produce a song to you, would it be nice
If I decide to use your username on my timeline, will you decline?
Or I come out with the best result, will you be glad
If I mention your name up stage, will you be right there
Or if I tell my friends about you, will you come over?
Or I discuss about you to my pals, will you not be pleased
If I sit right next to you in a cinema, would you allow me
hang my hands over you
Or I put up a funny joke about myself, would you be of the
same mind
If I come online because of you, will you say hello
Or tell you that am ill, will you say goodbye
What if I told you, you are all I have left, will you come
Or that this life worth’s nothing without you, will you be quiet
If I told you, you are my first love, will you be my last
Or just tell me everything is going to be alright.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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